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Chimneys, Brick and Leadwork

Common problems are usually a result of old brickwork crumbling away or the lead work leaking.
There are some areas that could require attention on a chimney. This includes the chimney stack brickwork pointing & flashings.


While lead is probably the most resilient and durable of materials on a roof, eventually it can succumb to decay and need replacing. If installed correctly lead should be able to last a lifetime. We can easily tackle any type of lead roof flashing work that needs repairing or replacing.


Chimney and roofing leak problems can creep up without notice. If you discover any problems it’s best to contact us as soon as possible for a full assessment. 


Roy, our lead specialist,  has successfully completed countless different lead projects over his 20 year career. Varying from lead flashings and porches on new build development sites to lead restoration and replacement projects on churches and listed buildings. Some of his work has even been used for Berkley Homes marketing material! 

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